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Power Surges

Just as our electrical demands have grown in our homes over the last 40-50 years, so has our demand/dependency on electronics. As that dependency grows, so must our knowledge on how to maintain andprotect them. Electronics can be very sensitive and are easily damaged. We suggest protecting yourelectronics and appliances from electrical surges by installing […]

Where Do You Start?

This is a question we ask of ourselves at one point in time or another. When it comes to your home’selectrical system, it all starts with safe electrical service. In this article we are going to explain what we,Nichols Electrical, look for when we perform a safety inspection on your home’s electrical system.We also offer […]

Panel Safety

The central nervous system of your house is your electrical panel. It is where the electrical current fromthe utility power grid connects with every electrical device in your home. This is the place where safetyneeds to be your number one concern. If things are broken, damaged, or not up to code, then it couldresult in […]

Smoke Detector Replacement

In early February, we had a new addition to the Nichols Electrical family. Our technician Tim and his wifewelcomed their new baby daughter, Lucy, into the world. Tim shared that, before the hospital dischargedthem, the staff had to give them some basic parental information on how to care for the baby. With theirtips, they asked […]

Electric Vehicles & Tesla Chargers for

Thinking of buying an Electric Vehicle or have purchased one and would like to know a little bit aboutcharging it at your own home? Below is a quick summery of different EV chargers and what they do. Forany pricing, please contact our office to schedule and estimate. Residential Options: Level 1 Charger (110v) plugs into […]