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Plumbing Services

Brighton Plumbing & Electrical Company

When residents of the Brighton, NY, and Southeast Rochester area need electrical & plumbing services, they call (585) 449-9839. For nearly 40 years, the community has trusted Nichols Electric & Plumbing, making them the premier electrical & plumbing company in Brighton. They provide the highest quality work at reasonable prices and exceptional customer care. This winning combination is how they have earned an A+ rating with the BBB and become the leading plumber & electrician in Brighton. Call (585) 449-9839 24/7 for emergency service or to schedule any of their exceptional plumbing & electrical services, including:

Trusted Drain Cleaning In Brighton

When a drain is slow to clear, it can be tempting to try a chemical drain cleaner. However, that choice is likely to lead to more costly plumbing problems. Instead, call (585) 449-9839 to schedule an environmentally friendly professional drain cleaning from the seasoned pros at Nichols Electric And Plumbing. Using only a jet of pure water, this innovative process removals drain clogs and the sticky residue that will create future problems. And there are never harsh chemical fumes.

Complete Service For All Makes And Models Of Water Heaters

Issues with your Brighton home’s water heater can bring your routine to a standstill. From bathing to cooking, the processes all rely on your water heater for vital hot water. In addition, concerns about foul-tasting hot water, contaminated hot water, or water with a strange odor can all be traced back to water heater problems. So at the first sign of trouble, dial (585) 449-9839 to speak to a licensed plumber at Nichols Electric And Plumbing for fast and affordable solutions to all water heater issues.

Dependable Leak Detection

Even a small water leak in your Brighton home can result in hazardous mold contamination and costly water damage. However, tearing up walls and floors to locate the leak can be equally as upsetting. Fortunately, Nichols Electric And Plumbing experts use the latest leak detection technology to find water leaks without destroying your home. Call (585) 449-9839 for a free price estimate or schedule an appointment with this seasoned team of professionals.

Fully Warrantied Repiping In Brighton

When your home’s water lines reach the end of their lifespan and reliability, repiping is the only way to avoid constant and costly water leaks and pipe repairs. The experts at Nichols Electric And Plumbing have decades of experience repiping homes in the community to eliminate these concerns and increase the property’s value. Contact our pros at (585) 449-9839 to request an evaluation of your home’s water lines for valuable information from a team your know you can trust for honest information and reasonable pricing.

Repair And Replacement of Sewer Lines

If you suspect an issue with your home’s sewer line, call the pros at Nichols Electric And Plumbing immediately at (585) 449-9839. Our staff uses a small camera to locate any sewer line damage or clogs without destroying your yard. Once the issue is determined and precisely located, we provide a complete cost quote for a fast and fully warrantied solution.

Expert Services For Gas Lines

A leaking gas line represents a massive health and safety risk for your loved ones and home. Evacuate your home at the first indication of a leak and call 911. Then turn to the reliable experts at Nichols Electric And Plumbing for a fully warrantied repair by our team of licensed plumbers. We are here 24/7 to ensure your safety from any gas line hazards.

Complete General Plumbing Services

As a full-service plumber, Nichols Electric And Plumbing is well qualified to provide any services needed in the Brighton and Southeast Rochester area. Our licensed professionals always provide a free estimate and back our work with a full warranty for added value for our customer’s hard-earned investment in plumbing services.

Complete Lighting Services

Upgrading the lighting inside or outside your home can be a challenge. It can quickly become more complex and hazardous than you expect, from climbing a ladder to rewiring new fixtures. However, updating your home’s lighting, adding switches, or converting to energy-efficient LED options has never been easier, thanks to the complete lighting service from Nichols Electric And Plumbing. Call (585) 449-9839 for a free price quote for this fully warrantied service.

Expert EV Charger Installation

Charging your electric vehicle at home is becoming more popular as public charging stations become more well-known and busy. Drivers who are unwilling to wait in a line to charge have found that their home charger will do the job each night as they sleep, saving a great deal of time each day. In addition, the licensed electricians at Nichols Electric And Plumbing will ensure that the charger is correctly installed according to the EV manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure that your EV battery warranty is not voided. Call (585) 449-9839 today for a free price quote.

Dependable Generator Solutions

When the weather in Brighton causes a power failure, or there is another issue with grid power, you need a reliable source to power your home. The licensed electricians at Nichols Electric and Plumbing have been helping residents select the perfect generator to meet their homes’ budgets and needs for decades. Call (585) 449-9839 and learn more about all the benefits of a backup generator and quality installation by the premier electricians in the Southeast Rochester region.

Affordable Panel Upgrades

Homes built just a few decades ago were not desired to power all the technology and massive appliances we use today. However, many homeowners are unaware of this safety hazard. Without an electrical panel upgrade, there is an increased potential for circuit overloads, electrical fires, and damage to your costly electronics and appliances. Call (585) 449-9839 today for a free panel upgrade price estimate and know that the Nichols Electric And Plumbing pros will get the job done quickly and at a fair price.

Surge Protection For Your Home

Professionally installed surge protection is an affordable way to provide high-quality protection for your home and electronics. Unlike the cheap imitations found on power strips and extension cords, the professional quality devices installed by the licensed electricians from Nichols Electric And Plumbing can protect against power surges from exterior sources like a lightning strike or an internal power surge from a large motor like your garage door opener. Call (585) 449-9839 to purchase this affordable insurance-like device for your home’s electrical system.

General Electrical Services In Brighton

As a full-service electrical company in Brighton, Nichols Electric And Plumbing is here to meet all your general electric needs, from 24/7 emergency service to installing new wiring for a spa or pool addition. Contact us at (585) 449-9839 for a free price estimate for any fully warranties services performed by our seasoned licensed electricians. In addition, we offer expert electrical maintenance to ensure that your home is free of electrical hazards and safe for you and your loved ones.