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Rochester Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are pumps placed at the lowest level of your house’s basement or crawl space. The pump keeps your home’s basement dry by draining the ground water away from your house without damaging the foundation.

Sump pumps are extremely beneficial as they prevent flooding in your basement by controlling the underground water. When the water reaches a certain level in the pump the float is activated, and the pump turns on and removes water.

Risks of Not Installing Sump Pumps

Moisture Buildup

Moisture can enter the basement causing mold or mildew. The mold and mildew build up can bring about health complications such as, nasal stuffiness, throat irritation, coughing, wheezing, eye irritation, skin irritation and lung infections.

Decrease Property Value

If you’re selling your home sump pumps are more attractive increasing the property. Not having one can also decrease the value of a property. Without sump pumps your home will be less attractive to potential buyers.

Flood Risk

Most standard home insurance does not cover flood damage.

Is Your Basement Protected Against Flooding if the Power Goes Out?

Most homes rely on a sump pump to keep your basement dry throughout the years. Unfortunately, sump pumps only work if the power is on, and if your home ever loses power you run the risk of having potential flooding in your basement. For those who have finished off basement spaces, this is a constant anxiety that the basement will flood and you will have to spend thousands to repair the damages. But we want you to know that there is an easy solution to this problem!

How to Protect My Basement From Flooding When The Power Goes Out?

We are able to install a 100% electricity free, back up sump pump system. During normal conditions your sump pump would empty water outside of the house, but if you ever lost power, the back up sump pump would detect rising water levels and pump water outside of the house before the basement floods! We would need to install a simple water line to your sump pump and then install the new unit, and then at the end of this process, you never need to worry about losing power or your sump pump failing again. This system has been an incredibly helpful tool for many of our clients and we would love to install one for you too.

How Does It Work?

This pump is powered completely through water and not electricity. If the water level in your sump pump rises past a certain point, a float switch would open a valve on the new water line we install, which would send water through the pump and out of the exit pipe. It is a simple and ingenious system that has saved hundreds of houses from water damage.

How Do I Get This Installed In My House?

If this is something you are interested in, we would love to have one of our plumping experts come out, assess your sump pump, and give you a few options to install this product. You can send an email to us if this is something you are interested, or of course, give us a phone call!