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Electric Vehicles & Tesla Chargers for

Thinking of buying an Electric Vehicle or have purchased one and would like to know a little bit about
charging it at your own home? Below is a quick summery of different EV chargers and what they do. For
any pricing, please contact our office to schedule and estimate.

Residential Options:

Level 1 Charger (110v) plugs into a standard outlet average charging is 4-5 miles per hours charged.
Usually takes an average of 40 hours to fully charge a battery

Level 2 Charger (220V) Dedicated 220 circuit between (30-80 amps) Most commonly runs on a 40 or 50
-amp circuit. Averages charge is 25 miles per hour. Average 9 hours to fully charge your vehicle.

Commercial Option:

Phase 3 Charger (400V) 3 Phase – DC Fast Chargers, Average charge is 150 miles per hour.
Tesla Charging Stations
Tesla uses the same custom Tesla connector for all charging level but follows the same charging levels
as described above. It automatically senses how much it charges per hour dependent on the power
source. Their residential wall connector can run off a 60-amp breaker and charge at a 30-44 mile per
hour rate.