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Where Do You Start?

This is a question we ask of ourselves at one point in time or another. When it comes to your home’s
electrical system, it all starts with safe electrical service. In this article we are going to explain what we,
Nichols Electrical, look for when we perform a safety inspection on your home’s electrical system.
We also offer troubleshooting tips.

Once we look at the outside part of your system, our technicians will follow the service entrance wire to
the panel. After examining around the panel, and your home’s grounding, we carefully take the panel
cover off and examine the inner workings of the breakers, neutral, and ground bar.

One of the safety issues we look for is water damage in the panel – rust is usually a tell tale sign. We also
look to make sure wires are properly sized with corresponding breakers. We then look at the connections
to make sure things seem tight and not illegibly connected.

For the best interest of our customers, we share any and all safety concerns we find. We take pictures
and document any issues found, both for our use as well as our customer’s record. If there are any
safety issues raised by the inspection, our techs will put together options and steps, with pricing, for the
homeowner to rectify the concerns.

Once an option is chosen, our highly trained technicians move into the next phase of servicing our
customer’s home. Once you know you have a safe electrical backbone to the house, then you can start
thinking about how you’d like the electricity inside your home to work better for you.

During our electrical system inspections we start at the electrical meter; we do a visual inspection of the
wires, conduit, and meter boxes. We make sure there are no gapes, holes, or rips in the wire that comes
to your house from the utility line, and then into your panel box.