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Panel Upgrades In Rochester

Service/Panel Upgrades

In today’s technologic age, electrical demands are growing greater than ever before. As your car ages you must replace your tires, windshield wipers, oil, etc. Your home needs replacements too!

As electrical panels age and technology demands expand, your electrical systems struggle to be the veins of your family’s home. You may want to consider upgrading your electrical service from 100amp to 200amp. This is something Nichols Electric can take care of for you. Old electrical panels often experience circuit overloads and malfunctions can lead to frequently tripped breakers, smoke, melted wires, and even fire. Better to update these panels or upgrade your system before trouble comes. If you already have issues, no worries. Just call us and we will be happy to assist you.

If your home is older than 25 years, your electrical panels should be inspected. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the most common cause of property damage is due to electrical problems. Keep your peace of mind and have your electrical panels inspected for potential upgrades today.

Upgrading to a 220 volt line

Nichols Electrical now offers installation for 220 volt lines!

If you’re planning on expanding your home or adding more high-powered appliances you’ll likely need to add some additional 220 volt outlets. 220 volt outlets are the most powerful plugs that you’ll find in most residential homes. These plugs are designed for stoves, dryers, and hot tubs that require these volts to power their main function, but use half the power for accessory equipment such as clocks or timers. 220 volts are more efficient because they require less to provide the same power due to the increased voltage. However, you may need to upgrade your electrical panel or service in order to handle all the increased demand for power from your home.

Call us today at Nichols Electric if you need any assistance (585) 449-9839 .

Interlock Generator

Plug in generators are useful in case of emergency situations that cause power outages unexpectedly. In Rochester with the many winter storms and forceful winds that we get, having a generator gives peace of mind. Plug in generators are an option for many homes as they provide emergency power to your home so you can power the most important items such as your refrigerator, furnace, water heater, range, well pump, and interior lights.

These plug in generators need to be plugged into transfer switches that safely deliver power directly to your home’s electrical panel. Installed by a trusted electrician, these switches allow you to power the most important items and not overload your plug in generator.

Interlock generators are another option that can be installed that safely disconnect your main panel from the utility feed over to your standby or portable generator. With one connection, you can use anything in your home when used with a standby generator that lets you manually switch your power and choose when it is in use.

Electrical Riser

Did you know that you are responsible for maintaining your electrical riser? This is the electrical component extending from your panel box up to the power connection. RG&E is only responsible for the power connection leading up to your house.