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Rochester Electrical Fan Installation

Fans are important. They help cool your home, they remove exhaust from your kitchen and bathroom, and they deserve care just like the rest of your electronics.

At Nichols Electrical, we can inspect and install your electrical fans. We perform repairs and can upgrade you to a better system as well.

Ceiling (Paddle) Fans

Your ceiling fan works hard to keep you cool by evenly distributing the air in your room. It may vary in size depending on the size of your room and ceiling fans typically require the same energy as a light fixture. When installing a ceiling fan, it’s important to remember that the circuit must be able to handle the amount of electricity needed to power the fan, and sometimes the light fixture with it. Ceiling fans are an awesome addition to a bedroom, three seasons room or outdoors on a porch. Temperatures can be pretty extreme, even in NY. Nichols electric is able to safely install your ceiling fan, help you upgrade to a more efficient one, or repair the motor, wiring, or fuse in an already installed fan!

Attic Fan

Attic fans help regulate the temperature in the rest of your home by regulating the hot air inside your attic. If it malfunctions then your home can become overheated. In order to fix or replace your attic fan we will need access to it through the attic. If your fan isn’t working, it is not always a cause of electrical malfunction. We can easily tell whether the problem with your fan is electrical or not. If it is, we will repair it for you. Sometimes it is the motor that is the culprit for an attic fan malfunctioning. Attic fans help you to run a more energy efficient home by reducing your electricity bill because it eliminates as much need for air conditioning.

Bathroom Fans

Fixing a bathroom fan does not necessarily mean the whole unit has to be replaced. We can help you find a replacement motor for your bathroom fan in the instance that it stops working correctly. If the moist air from your bathroom is being vented into the attic, we may need to run it alongside the roof instead. This helps prevent your attic wood from rotting. Fixing or upgrading a bathroom fan can be more complex if there is lighting wired into the fan. We have the experience and electrical knowledge to safely install or repair your bathroom fan.