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Rochester New Addition Wiring

Adding an addition to your home is very exciting because you get to expand your living space without the hassle of purchasing a larger home. However, there are many things to consider before tackling the electrical aspects of your new addition.

One of the first things to keep in mind is whether or not your electrical system from your home will be equipped to handle the appliances that will be in your addition. This is important because having a heavy load on an electrical system that is older, can cause major damage and will become unfit to support any appliances within your new addition. At Nichols Electric, we can help make sure you electrical system is update and wire that into your new addition.

Additionally, you will need to add your new space into your electrical panel. We can help you do this safely and efficiently. Another thing you should consider is what type of outlets you will need and where you will need them. The room can be furnished then with this in mind.

If you are adding on an addition for family members to move in, such as the creation of an “in-law” suite, or an area to care for a disabled family member, this requires some planning as well. Will you need certain electrical appliances or components to handle this? We can work with you as you decide the use for your space.

Other things to consider are the lighting you may need in your new addition, and what lights might work best. We can recommend an option for you and wire it properly. Choose Nichols Electrical services as your Rochester, NY electrician.