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Rochester Sewer Line Repair & Replacement

When homeowners think about all the issues that might arise in their homes, none carry the level of panic associated with a clogged or damaged sewer line. The image of raw sewage flooding your home or yard is devastating. However, with a fast call to (585) 449-9839, the pros at Nichols Electric & Plumbing can help you avert any sewage catastrophes with a professional Rochester sewer line repair. For almost four decades, community members have been relying on Nichols Electric & Plumbing for fast and affordable services when they are needed the most. And each visit begins with a free price quote for any completely warrantied sewer line repair or sewer line replacement in Rochester.

Why Do Sewer Lines Fail?

The most important fact to remember is that all components in your home will wear out. So it is wise to keep an eye on vital things like a sewer lines as they reach the end of their reliability and function. The three common reasons for a sewer line failure involve:

Old age often results in cracks in the sewer line that allow debris and tree roots to invade the pipe and begin to form a blockage. Damage to the pipe from a shovel strike, settling, or movement of the soil around the line will also result in cracks allowing tree roots and debris to enter the pipe and sewage to leak out. In the end, damage or deterioration could result in a pipe clog, or the clog could result from a foreign object that was flushed. Regardless of the cause of the clog, the problem it creates is a flood of sewage. And the only solution is a call to (585) 449-9839 for expert assistance from the pros at Nichols Electric & Plumbing.

The Professional Process Of Locating A Sewer Line Problem

When you call the Nichols Electric & Plumbing team for an emergency sewer line repair in Rochester, the first step is locating the problem. Our staff deploys a tiny waterproof camera into the sewer line to provide images from inside the pipe. This footage allows our experts to identify the issue and its location to determine the best way to solve your sewer line problem.

Sewer Line Repair VS Sewer Line Replacement In Rochester

Using the images, our experienced professionals will determine if a single repair is needed or if the damage is throughout the pipe. If the damage is widespread, the long-term solution will be a Rochester sewer line replacement. Our team will show you the images and make our recommendation for repairing or replacing the sewer line, including the cost of all options. Then we will proceed with the option you select that works best for your home and budget because our goal is always to deliver the best services and solutions for our customers. Call (585) 449-9839 at the first sign of a sewer line issue to avoid a costly and messy flood in your home or yard.