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Leak Detection In Rochester

A hidden Rochester plumbing leak can result in tens of thousands of dollars in damage to your home and the destruction of personal items and mementos. And in the warmer months of the year, those concealed leaky pipes in a Rochester home can promote hazardous mold and mildew contamination. But what worries homeowners just as much as these hidden plumbing leaks is how they will be located and repaired. The thought of ripping up floors and putting holes in walls to find a leak can keep a homeowner awake all night. Fortunately, the seasoned professionals at Nichols Electric & Plumbing use the latest non-invasive leak detection technology to find leaks without destroying your home. Call (585) 449-9839 for professional Rochester leak detection service when you think there is a leak in your home.

Indications Of A Hidden Plumbing Leak In Rochester

The really troubling water leaks are the ones you cannot see. Knowing that the leak is hidden deep inside your home, the question becomes how to have a clue that there could be a plumbing leak in your Rochester home. In most cases, there will be some subtle signs of a water leak, including:

Call (585) 449-9839 immediately for Rochester leak detection by the seasoned experts at Nichols Electric & Plumbing when you notice any of these indications of a hidden leak in your home. We are here 24/7 to assist with any emergency quickly.

Locating That Illusive Hidden Plumbing Leak In Rochester

When you call the leak detection professionals at Nichols Electric & Plumbing, the team arrives armed with the latest tools to locate hidden water leaks in your home. Rather than old leak detection methods that used sledgehammers, our crews use pressure tests, moisture sensors, thermal imaging, and sound amplification devices to pinpoint any leak in or under your home.

Once the leak has been found, our pros will provide you with as many cost-effective repair options as possible to eliminate the leak and your concerns about further water damage to your home. The leak’s location will often dictate the methods we suggest for a professional and fully warrantied leak repair.

As a family-owned and operated local business, we understand your level of concern when you think there is a water leak in your home. And we will work quickly to provide you with dependable repair solutions. For nearly 40 years, the community of Rochester has been entrusting the care of their homes to the Nichols Electric & Plumbing team, and we appreciate your faith in our ability to correct any issues professionally and at an affordable price. So call us 24/7 at (585) 449-9839 and know that help is on the way.