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Rochester Programmable Lighting

Voice Controlled Smart Switch

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night and not been able to find the light switch? Or walked into your home when your hands are full with groceries, only to fumble around in the dark for the switch? It leads to stumbling and stubbed toes. Let Nichols Electric make your life easier by installing voice controlled lighting and smart switches in your home.

Nichols Electric is based in Rochester, NY and guarantees honest and quality service. To have programmable lighting installed, contact Nichols Electric at (585) 449-9839. Prior to the installation, you will need Internet Wifi and a smartphone, ipad or tablet. However, Nichols Electrics will supply an Amazon Echo-Dot for voice controlled lighting and 4 Levinton Smart Dimmers for sensible rate.

Programmable lighting can be controlled from an Amazon Echo-Dot or an app on your smartphone or tablet. Out at your daughters softball game and realize you forgot to turn off the lights? No problem! Turn off the lights from wherever you are thanks to programmable lighting by Nichols Electric. Just go into bed but forgot to turn off the lights? Don’t worry about it! Lights are able to turn on and dim automatically according to pre-scheduled time, or by voice command.
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