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Basement Wiring In Rochester, NY

Often times your basement can be a dark, and musty place. Many people choose to refinish or remodel parts of their basement in order to convert it to another living space in the home. This means new flooring, new interior siding or walls, extra furnishing, and better lighting.

When a basement’s functions are limited to laundry and/or storage, it may simply be direct task-lighting you need, so that you can make sure you have gotten the stains out of your favorite t-shirt. Often times that task-lighting is neglected and merely serves as a function rather than an accent.

However, if you transform your basement into a new living space, there are some key electrical components to consider. Ask yourself what the new space will be used for, and plan accordingly. For instance, will you need better task lighting – for crafting, laundry, or building? That type of light would be different than general ambiant lighting. If you’re designing a new home theater, perhaps gentle mood lighting is the perfect choice. The space will determine the lighting needed.

Proper lighting is essential here, as always in your living spaces. There may be lighting options however that are better than others. We want to help you create a well-lit environment for each space in your home, including your basement. Because basements are almost always below ground, they typically make use of artificial lighting since the daylight is minimal, if any at all.

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