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Did you know that electrical fires cause approximately $1.6 billion in property damage each year? Old wiring, overloaded circuits, and worn outlets are the main culprits that can cause electrical shocks and fires. Plus, one leaking toilet and a dripping faucet can waste over 50,370 gallons of water a year. Simple electrical and plumbing issues can snowball, becoming costly and damaging to your home.

With maintenance plans from Nichols Electric and Plumbing, you can avoid wornout electrical systems and leaky faucets altogether! Our team will check up on your home on a regular basis to ensure all is working as expected. Check out the additional benefits of our maintenance agreements below.

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Protect your investments with home care check-ups for your plumbing or electrical systems (or both!). Choose the plan that is right for you.

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Customer Testimonials

“I appreciated his efforts to educate me so that I would have a better understanding of the system that had been installed years ago and be able to do some trouble-shooting of my own in the future. The cost of this job was more than fair! I highly recommend Nichols Electric and plan to use the services in the future, confident in my choice. Great professionalism, experience, and customer service.”
— Laura

“My most recent visit required him to correct an annoying dripping faucet in our bathroom, not an easy fix as it was not a common manufacturer. He deduced the problem, found the proper part, and resolved our problem in a timely matter. Trust is invaluable, and I trust these folks to work on my home.”
— Roger

“They are a first-class operation. They checked my entire electrical system, analyzed the problem quickly, and did the necessary work. The two gentleman who did my repairs were polite, respectful and they were very neat in their work. I would highly recommend them.”
— Lynnmarie

“They did fantastic work and were reasonably priced. We had them replace all of the galvanized pipes in the 2nd floor bathroom as well as replace the trap and plumbing to the bathtub. They were here on time, and completed the job in one day as promised including the demo work. They also left the space clean. I will definitely be using Nichols Electric and Plumbing for future work.”
— Jay

“Our home is a pretty old home and when we started having some issues with lights and outlets becoming non-functional, we were worried that finding the problem could potentially turn into an expensive one. We sent an inquiry to Nichols Electric giving a summary of our problem. It didn’t take more than an hour for Steve to respond to our email. Even though Steve’s schedule was loaded, he was willing to stop by on the weekend to take a look at our problem (as it was potentially a hazard). Steven arrived during the time frame given and didn’t waste any time getting to the problem. Very efficient and methodical. It took less than 30 minutes for Steven to diagnose and fix the problem. A big relief!”
— Richard