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Plumber unclogging tub drain

Modern Techniques for Cleaning Drains

Professional drain cleaning can help you avoid situations in which wastewater backs up in your drains. Professional services can be more beneficial than any solution you might come up with at home since plumbers have the tools, training, and experience necessary to handle different blockages. Fortunately, the industry has advanced to the point that drain cleaning techniques are quite advanced. Keep reading to learn more about the ways in which our plumbers can fix your drains quickly and effectively.

Motorized Augers

A hand-cranked auger might be able to tackle a small clog, but a larger blockage might pose a challenge. If a plumber uses a motorized auger, there could be a greater chance of success. Motorized augers are highly portable, so a plumber can access any part of your home to address a problematic drain. Motorized augers have been around since 1933 when Samuel Blanc came up with the first electric auger. In the past several decades, these devices have become more specialized. They can come with different attachments that let them adapt to certain situations.

Hydro Jetting

Water can be a powerful substance, especially when directed in a targeted manner. Hydrojetting uses high-pressure water jets to break up obstructions in pipes. The water that gets pumped through the system can remedy clogs, and it can clean out anything that may be starting to build on pipe walls. That includes food deposits, sand, silt, grease or oil, mineral deposits, and hair. Some hydrojetting machines can pressurize water to around 35,000 psi, so they’re very robust. If the piping system in a home cannot handle that much pressure, a plumber can adjust the settings to prevent any damage from occurring. Any water generated during the process gets flushed down the drain, so there isn’t anything to worry about in terms of cleaning up. Also, this process is more gentle on the environment and your pipes, compared to using chemical drain cleaners.

Advanced Imaging

Before moving forward with any kind of work, it can be a good idea to develop a thorough understanding of what’s going on. When it comes to clogged drains, cameras can be very useful. Many industry professionals use small, waterproof cameras attached to flexible rods to let them see inside pipes. These cameras can travel through curves and bends in piping and broadcast clear images. The information they provide allows professionals to pinpoint where problems have originated.

Many Great Options

The industry has advanced to the point that we don’t need to rely on chemicals anymore. Camera equipment, hydrojetting, and motorized augers can all play a role in combating drain issues. Contact Nichols Electric and Plumbing if you need a team to take care of drain cleaning in Rochester, NY.