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Heat-Proofing Your Gas Lines for Summer

Heatproofing is beneficial for all types of exposed lines, including gas lines. Learn more about how to heat-proof your gas lines to avoid issues with soaring summer temperatures.

Use Wrap-Around Insulation

A simple way to keep gas lines safe this summer is with insulation that simply wraps around gas lines. It’s easy to install and remove when repairs need to be made. All you have to do is measure what you need and cut it to fit.

Use Duct Tape

This is another simple solution, although it’s not as effective as actual insulation. Duct tape will minimize heat exposure. However, it still gets hot on the outside, and that heat transfers to the gas lines to some extent. The only drawback is that it can be a bit of a pain to remove the duct tape if your gas lines need to be repaired.

Plant Some New Trees or Shrubs

A creative way to deal with heat-proofing your gas lines this summer is to plant new trees or shrubs near your gas lines. If you strategically block the sunlight, you’ll be keeping your gas lines cooler. At the same time, you’ll be improving your yard’s natural beauty. Just be careful where you place your trees since you don’t want to roots to get into your gas lines or damage them over the years.

Use Cloth

Covering your gas lines with cloth is helpful since it allows them to benefit from cool breezes while offering protection against the heat. You can also use your hose to spray down the cloth on days when it’s really hot outside for extra protection against the heat.

Use Leftover Attic Insulation

Leftover insulation from an attic can be put to good use if you use it for your gas lines. Depending on the type of insulation you use in your attic, you may need to cut it in half or use tape to hold it in place.

Do this for gas lines inside and outside. In both locations, insulation protects your gas lines from the cold in the winter months.

Use Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil is an effective insulator as well. It works by deflecting heat away from your gas lines. Simply wrap the foil around the gas lines two or three times since foil tends to tear easily. The foil also makes your gas lines easier to spot, which is beneficial if you have some near your street.

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