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4 Ways Home Automation Can Offer Tremendous Savings

Life is busier and faster-paced than ever before, so many people are on a quest for efficiency and convenience. This includes automating processes in the home. Home automation provides lots of tangible benefits that include comfort and saving significant amounts of time and money. Homeowners achieve home automation by integrating more smart devices into the living environment, and doing so helps to save money in four chief ways.

1. Save on Utility Bills

The most appealing benefit of home automation is the significant money you can save on utility bills. Smart thermostats allow exact control over HVAC systems, reducing the amount of energy they consume. You can expect to save approximately 8% on energy bills when you use smart thermostats.

Smart lighting also provides energy savings because you can control lighting remotely, and lights will only be on when necessary. Sensors can detect levels of natural lighting and will turn off when the environment provides enough natural light. When using smart lighting, you can expect to save around $200 on energy costs each year.

2. Prevent Theft and Destruction of Property

Home invasions that lead to theft and the destruction of property can cost you dearly. According to the FBI’s
Crime Data Explorer, homeowners lost $737,294,919,165 to property theft in 2021. Thieves typically stole miscellaneous items, money, consumable goods, and vehicles.

Security systems that are integrated with smart technology significantly reduce the incidence of property crime. Smart cameras and motion sensors allow you to monitor your property remotely. Live video feeds and real time alerts make it possible to respond to threats quickly, decreasing the risk of property crimes.

3. Enhance Productivity

Home automation also enhances productivity. You can set your coffee maker to brew a fresh cup in the morning, shortening your morning routine and allowing more time for completing tasks that enhance productivity. Smart ovens also streamline cooking tasks, making it possible to focus on the more important things. Streamlining tasks in the kitchen is especially important if you work from home or own a small business. A fully connected smart kitchen helps you know where you can save on energy costs by providing alerts and suggestions.

4. Prevent Food Waste and Impulse Buying

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) says the average family of four loses $1,500 in food waste each year. Even more money is lost because of impulse buying. Smart refrigerators reduce food waste because they provide alerts about when food is going to expire and help keep track of inventory. Knowing what items are in the fridge helps you avoid buying what you don’t need.

As technology continues to evolve, home automation will continue to offer significant cost savings to homeowners, making it an important aspect of modern living. If you want to enjoy substantial savings by installing home automation devices in your Rochester, NY home, contact our team at Nichols Electric and Plumbing.