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What Are the Major Types of Plumbing Systems?

Unless they are experiencing leaks or other problems, most people do not give much thought to the plumbing systems that they rely on each day for drinking, bathing, and completing household chores. Because of this, many people have very little knowledge about the types of plumbing systems and components used in homes, businesses, and city infrastructure. Learning more about plumbing can give you a better appreciation of its importance and help you be better prepared to address plumbing issues.

Different Types of Plumbing

In general, all plumbing can be broken up into three major types of systems: potable water supply, sanitary drainage, and stormwater drainage. The supply system comprises various pipes, meters, and fixtures that deliver potable water to your home. Part of the system, the main supply, is owned by the city, but most of the other components are located in homes and businesses. They include hot and cold water pipes, faucets, and appliances like water heaters.

The sanitary drainage system is what removes gray and black water out of your home’s plumbing and on to a municipal sewer system or residential septic tank. The main components that make up sanitary drainage plumbing include sink and shower drains, toilets, drain pipes, and sewer lines. Unlike the supply system, which delivers water via pressure, the drainage system uses gravity to remove wastewater from your home.

The stormwater drainage system is perhaps the most overlooked plumbing system, but it is vital to protecting homes, communities, and even entire cities. Of course, the main components of this system are storm drains located along city sidewalks and the street gutters that lead to them. However, homes and businesses are also part of the stormwater drainage system. Your roof and gutters drain water off and away from your house, protecting your property and, in some cases, delivering stormwater to municipal drains. In the past, stormwater was delivered to the sanitary drainage system, but it is now drained into a storm sewer, which carries the untreated water to nearby creeks, rivers, and oceans. Rochester is near 24 major watersheds, so it’s vitally important not to dispose of hazardous fluids and other materials into the stormwater drainage system.

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