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Making Sure Your Kitchen Wiring Is Ready for the New Year

One of the things on everybody’s mind at the beginning of a new year is what changes and upgrades to do. Giving your kitchen wiring a thought is a good idea, especially if you do a lot of entertaining. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, these upgrades may also lower your utility bills.

Get a Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat is your best option for controlling the temperature. These thermostats use your Wi-Fi connection to let you use your mobile device to change the temperature as needed. You can maintain comfortable temperatures whether your system covers the entire house or your system uses zones.

One of the most significant advantages of intelligent temperature control is controlling your HVAC system while away from home. Another benefit these systems offer is a better opportunity to track your energy usage and find ways to save.

Have New Light Switches Installed

Slide light switches are excellent for improving your kitchen ambiance, making the setting more inviting for guests. However, one of the best advantages of these switches is better energy efficiency. These switches make controlling your lighting easier.

Using dimmers and timers increases the amount of energy you can save. Many homeowners find three-way or four-way switches to be an excellent solution for their needs. Switches with motion detection are a popular option to save money when no one is in the kitchen.

Make Sure You Have Enough Circuits

Many kitchen layouts require nine to 10 or more circuits, depending on the appliances and light fixtures present. Whenever kitchens need new circuits, it is essential for the wiring to have proper grounding. Circuits with ground fault circuit interrupters use test and reset buttons for enhanced safety.

In many cases, dedicated wiring is necessary to prevent circuit overload. An example is having your dishwasher and washing machine on different circuits. It’s easier to isolate a problem that you’re having with your wiring when multiple devices share a circuit.

Have a “Cleanup” for Trouble Spots

A common problem is basement or garage wiring connected to kitchen circuits. Such arrangements are sometimes standard in older homes. These kinds of wiring can cause difficulties when someone uses power equipment in the basement or garage while kitchen appliances are in use.

One of the most practical solutions is a separate circuit for the basement or garage. With different circuits, you can use your kitchen for entertaining more effectively without unpleasant surprises.

If you need new kitchen wiring, feel free to contact Nichols Electric and Plumbing in Rochester, NY.