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Four Reasons to Install Programmable Lights

When you have the bright idea to upgrade your home’s lighting, you should consider modern lighting options, such as programmable lights. Programmable lights allow you to operate your indoor and outdoor lights in advance and monitor/adjust your lights from anywhere if you have smart programmable lighting. Learn more with the top four reasons to install programmable lights in Rochester, NY.

1. Save Money

Have you ever left for the day only to realize you left the lights on in your bedroom or the kitchen? In most cases, you brush it off and pay for it on your next electricity bill.

If you use programmable lights, you can set the lights to shut off at the same time every morning, so you never forget to turn off the lights and waste money ever again. If you do forget, the lights will shut off automatically based on your settings.

The city of Rochester, NY, also offers incentives for homeowners who upgrade their lighting to more efficient options, including programmable lighting.

3. Access Your Lights From Your Smartphone

Let’s say you forgot to turn off your lights. With your smart programmable lighting, you can access your controls through an app on your smartphone and shut them off from wherever you are.

Your app will even make you aware if it notices unusual behavior or lights going dead, so you can pick up new lightbulbs on your way home instead of finding out you need lightbulbs the hard way.

3. Convenience

Have you ever been in bed after a long day and groaned when you realized you needed to get up to turn off the lights? You can always howl for your spouse or children to shut off the lights for you, but that’s not always guaranteed. With programmable lights, you can set them to shut off at a certain time. If you want them off earlier, you can use your app to turn them off from bed.

4. Update Your Home

Home buyers today expect certain modern conveniences. While many people still prefer a classic or traditional aesthetic, they want modern lighting. Programmable lighting brings your home into the new century and makes your home more appealing. It’s the little things that can really reach a buyer, and at a low price to upgrade, it’s a no-brainer.

Lighting Installation in Rochester, NY

When you want to install programmable lighting, you’ll need to enlist the services of a professional electrician. Contact Nichols Electric and Plumbing for programmable light installation in Rochester. As a full-service electric and plumbing company, keep Nichols Electric and Plumbing in mind for all of your other needs, too.