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Troubleshooting In Rochester

One of the first things to check when an electrical device does not work, is the device itself. Check to ensure that the device is not turned off. If the device is still not working and is on, try to pinpoint the problem to the outlet itself. Plug a second device into the outlet in question. If the second device works, it is most likely an issue with the first device. If the second device also does not work, it may be the outlet. If you suspect that the problem is the outlet, check the electrical panel and corresponding breaker. If an outlet or light switch does not appear to be working in your home, check the electrical panel to determine if a breaker has been tripped (breakers will automatically shut off to protect the circuit and prevent overheating or damage). In order to determine if a breaker was tripped and needs to be reset, you must locate your electrical panel. Once inside the electrical panel, locate the corresponding switch to the problem area. The switches may be labeled by specific areas in the house, specific rooms or even specific appliances.

Corroded Outlet

If your outlet looks like this, be extremely careful. When the electrical components and wires corrode, it can become unpredictable. Not only will the outlet not work properly, but the problem can quickly become worse and cause damage to your home. Call Nichols to schedule an inspection of your outlets or to check any suspect outlets in your home. While some corrosion can be cleaned off, it is necessary to take precautions to avoid electrocution. We can safely replace any damaged outlets and address the issue.

Once you locate the correct switch, check the position. If the switch is facing inward towards the middle of the panel, it means the outlet is on. If the switch is facing the outside of the panel, the outlet is shut off. If the switch is in the middle, facing neither the inside nor outside of the panel, it has been tripped and needs to be reset. The breaker must first be switched to the off position (to the outside of the panel), then it may be switched back to the on position (to the inside of the panel). Simply switching the breaker on first will not turn the outlet back on, but will simply leave the breaker in the tripped position.

If resetting the breaker does not work, you may have blown a fuse. A blown fuse may be discolored, cloudy, or even have broken or melted pieces of metal inside. Save this job for a certified electrician from Nichols Electric here in Rochester, NY.

Here in Rochester, NY we have seen our fair share of power outages, especially when the weather gets bad. If the entire house seems to have no electricity, the issue may be related to the electrical company. In this case, contacting the electrical company or even checking with neighbors is a way to determine if there are outages in the area.

If none of these electric troubleshooting tips help, call Nichols Electric at (585)-299-3105 . We have proudly been serving the Rochester, NY area since 1984 and our certified electricians are always happy to help restore your electricity.