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Common Toilet Problems That Require Professional Plumbing Assistance

Toilets are essential, and fortunately, they work pretty well almost all of the time. But problems can arise. While you can deal with minor problems on your own, major issues require professional attention. Keep reading to learn more about situations in which a plumber should be the one to handle things.

Significant Clogs

If you’re experiencing a large blockage, you might not be able to fix the problem with a simple household plunger. The job may require an auger or snake in the hands of a professional plumber who knows how to use those tools effectively. In addition, the problem might be further down the pipe than you think. A clogged sewer line can cause a backed-up toilet, and it can lead to a variety of other unpleasant things, too. A plumber can use a camera or other device to inspect your sewer line and figure out the main issue. Hydro-jetting, pipe relining, or pipe replacement may be necessary.


When water leaks around a toilet, it can cause a big headache. You have to keep water from building up in order to prevent the moisture from damaging the flooring and making it more likely for mold and mildew to develop. When it comes to plumbing, leaks are rarely one-time occurrences. Water will keep flowing until you figure out where it’s coming from. It can be hard for a homeowner to identify the cause of a leak, especially when it’s somewhere internal. A plumber can use special testing methods to pinpoint the source of the leak before repairing it.

Issues With Flushing

If your toilet keeps running or doesn’t flush well, some of the internal components may need to be replaced. Sometimes, the cause of the problem can be unclear to someone who’s not a professional. The flush valve, flapper, fill valve, or another part may have worn down over time or have mineral buildup. A plumber can quickly identify the reason for your issue, get the right part, and install it properly.

Unusual Noises

Toilets should not be making much noise, so if you hear unusual sounds during flushing, something’s not right. Strange sounds may result from some sort of issue with your venting system or sewer line. This would be challenging for a homeowner to remedy, so it’s best to have a plumber figure out what’s going on.

We Provide Comprehensive Services

Thankfully, toilets can do their jobs effectively for many years. When something unusual happens related to clogs, leaking water, flushing, or noises, it’s a smart idea to have a plumber tackle the job. Call our team at Nichols Electric and Plumbing for toilet repair in the Rochester, NY area.