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Electric Services

Electricians & Plumbers In Irondequoit

For more than 35 years, Nichols Electric And Plumbing have served the Irondequoit community with complete electrical & plumbing service and 24/7 emergency assistance. In these many decades, community members have learned that no other electrical & plumbing company in Irondequoit provides the level of professionalism and dedication that is on par with Nichols Electric & Plumbing. So when you need electrical & plumbing service, you can count on reasonable prices from a licensed Irondequoit electrician & plumber, call (585) 449-9839 to experience the service that earned an A+ rating from the BBB.

Professional Lighting Services

Who better to assist homeowners with lighting upgrades than the premier electricians in Irondequoit? The Nichols Electric & Plumbing team is here to provide free price estimates for replacing light fixtures, adding new lighting and switches, and even integrating your new lighting into your home automation platform. Call (585) 449-9839 to learn more or schedule your appointment today.

Complete Home EV Charger Services

Installing an EV charger at your home requires more than simply plugging the unit into an outlet to provide safe power for your electric vehicle. In fact, most EV manufacturers require a dedicated circuit for the charger to avoid voiding the battery pack warranty. The licensed electricians at Nichols Electric And Plumbing provide complete charger installations that meet the requirements of EV manufacturers at affordable prices and with a full warranty. Call us today at (585) 449-9839 to schedule your professional EV charger installation.

Generators For Your Irondequoit Home

When the power in Irondequoit fails, you never know how long it will take for your electrical service to be restored. Having no way to heat your home, cook, or keep your food safe adds stress and unnecessary complications to your life. However, you can avoid all of that with a call to (585) 449-9839 to speak to the licensed electricians at Nichols Electric And Plumbing about backup generator options. We offer everything from whole-home backup generators to portable units at reasonable prices and with exceptional warranties.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

As the number of electronic and electrical devices in your home has increased, you might have noticed lights flickering, a lack of outlets, and other odd occurrences with your electrical system. The issue is not uncommon. However, it can be very hazardous when your home’s electrical demands exceed the capability of your electrical panel. The team of licensed electricians at Nichols Electric & Plumbing can correct all of these safety concerns with a simple and cost-effective panel upgrade., Call (585) 449-9839 to learn more.

Professional Quality Surge Protection

It takes only a fraction of a second for an electrical surge to destroy all of your home’s electronics and electrical appliances. A nearby lightning strike, a fallen electrical line, or even a surge created inside your home can cost you tens of thousands of dollars in lost technology. Luckily, you can protect all of your tech, appliances, and HVAC system with professionally installed surge protection from the pros at Nichols Electric & Plumbing. Contact us at (585) 449-9839 to learn more about this affordable safety feature.

Your General Electrical Service Resource

With almost forty years of experience and outstanding customer reviews, you know you can depend on Nichols Electric & Plumbing for all your electrical needs, large or small. Our licensed professionals provide the highest quality workmanship and attention to detail to ensure that your project is completed on time and within budget. In addition, all work is backed by a comprehensive warranty to provide our customers with the most value for their money. Call (585) 449-9839 for a free price estimate for any electrical project or learn more about professional maintenance. These services add to the life and energy efficiency of your home’s electrical system.

Environmentally Conscious Drain Cleaning

Using a chemical drain cleaner is not only a potential safety hazard for the drain lines, but it is also sure to fill your home with toxic fumes. The safe and wise alternative is to call (585) 449-9839 to request a professional drain cleaning from the Nichols Electric & Plumbing experts. Our water jet drain cleaning process uses only pure water to wash away any drain clogs and scrub away clog-causing residue inside the drain pipe.

Professional Water Heater Maintenance And Repair Service

Life in a house with no hot water is like taking a somewhat unpleasant trip into the past. But that is what happens when your water heater fails. Fortunately, the licensed plumbers at Nichols Electric & Plumbing have decades of experience repairing all makes and models of water heaters to provide cost-effective solutions to our customers. So when you have inconsistent water temperature, contaminated hot water, or a strange odor to the hot water, call (585) 449-9839 for affordable and fully warrantied solutions.

Expert Leak Detection

Any water leak in your home can lead to costly water damage and toxic mold growth. But the real issue is that most water leaks are hidden deep inside the house’s floors and walls. However, the Nichols Electric & Plumbing team use the most innovative leak detection tools to find even the smallest leaks before they cause significant damage to your home. Call (585) 449-9839 24/7 for emergency leak detection or learn more about professional leak detection processes.

Repiping Solutions For Old Water Lines

Repiping is the only reliable and cost-effective solution when your home’s water lines have become a constant source of frustration due to continuous leaks. For decades, the experts at Nichols Electric & Plumbing have been repiping homes with new, fully warrantied water lines to eliminate water leak issues and increase the home’s value. Call (585) 449-9839 today for a free price quote to repipe your home and eliminate your worries of future leaks and water damage.

Complete Sewer Line Service

Any issue with your home’s sewer line means that you need immediate help from the pros at Nichols Electric & Plumbing to prevent a messy flood of raw sewage. Our team uses the latest technology to locate sewer line clogs or pipe damage and provide you with cost-effective solutions to avoid further damage.

Professional Gas Line Services

When you smell rotten eggs in your home, it is vital to understand that the odor is a sign of a life-threatening gas leak. Immediately evacuate the house and call 911 to report the hazard. Then call (585) 449-9839 for 24/7 emergency gas line service from the licensed plumbers at Nichols Electric & Plumbing. Our team will work quickly to ensure the safety of your loved ones and home with a fully warrantied gas line repair.

Your Full-Service General Plumbing Resource

The experienced professionals at Nichols Electric & Plumbing are ready to provide any plumbing services needed at your Irondequoit home at a fair and reasonable price. We also offer free price quotes, 24/7 emergency service, and back all of our repairs and installations with a full warranty. Call (585) 449-9839 to discover why we are the leading plumbing company in Irondequoit.