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A Wi-Fi Smart Water Shutoff Valve Can Save You Money

Using more water than you need to can result in higher utility bills. Plus, if there’s a leak somewhere and things get damaged from the water, you could be facing expensive repairs. Wouldn’t it be great if you could magically turn off the water to your home whenever necessary?

Up until recently, you would have to physically turn the main water valve off in order to prevent water from flowing. Now, you can install a Wi-Fi-controlled smart water shutoff. This lets you handle everything with your mobile device.

How Do These Devices Work?

These mechanisms are designed to go directly over existing equipment in a way that allows them to turn valves. Think of one of these devices as a robot with an arm that can be programmed to turn your valve 90 degrees. Thanks to recent advancements in technology, these products can be controlled remotely.

You simply open a special app or log into a program in order to give the command to turn a water valve on or off, and the device will receive the information through its connection to the Wi-Fi network. Some products are compatible with Bluetooth, and many are compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. This means that you could just issue a voice command to turn the water on or off.

Benefits of Smart Shutoff Valves

These types of shutoff valves are so convenient. Often, the main water valve is located in a place that’s hard to reach. Using the smart valve shutoff means that you don’t have to go poking around in the basement or crawl space in order to turn off the water when necessary. If a pipe has just burst, as it could in the extremely cold winters we get in Rochester, every second matters.

Also, they can be important in preventing major disasters from occurring. Let’s say you’re going away on vacation and don’t want your water main to be open, just in case a leak were to occur. What if you need your plants watered once a week, though? You can remotely turn on the water so that your neighbor or house sitter (or a smart irrigation system) can water the plants, and then you can turn off the water when it’s no longer needed.

Many of these valves come with leak detection systems. In case of a leak, you’ll be notified through an app or another type of program, and then you can remotely shut off the water whether you’re at home or at work in Rochester or traveling for the holidays. This can save you from facing a stressful and costly situation.

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