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4 Signs You Should Start the New Year With a New Dishwasher

The new year is the best time to reflect on fresh starts and plan what you want for the future. If you have spent the last year struggling with your dishwasher, it may time to upgrade to a newer appliance. With a new dishwasher performing as it should, you can save time cleaning up after meals and use less water than you would washing dishes in the sink. Let’s consider some signs that you need a new dishwasher.

Cold Dishes

An essential part of cleaning your dishes is the hot, soapy water. To properly remove grime and sanitize your load, you will need a temperature that meets or exceeds 170 degrees Fahrenheit. That means your dishes should be steamy and hot when they emerge after a washing cycle. If they come out cold, you might have a problem with the electric heater, heating coil, or another issue. These heating components can be expensive to replace or fix. Rather than overspending to keep the old appliance going, you may be better off with new equipment.

Improper Draining

After you run a cycle with your dishwasher, you should not have water pooled on your floor. If you see excess moisture around the front of your appliance, a bit of investigating may be necessary. You can inspect the drain to see if leftover food pieces have blocked it and stopped water from emptying after each cycle is complete. If a clog is not the reason behind the problem, you may have a broken drain, which means the entire unit probably needs to be replaced.

Specks of Rust

Rust is not a good sign when you see it on the inside or outside of your dishwasher. Once you spot any traces of it, you can tell that water is leaking into places it should not. You can determine if the corrosion comes from your pots and pans by running an empty rotation with a dishwasher cleaner. If the cookware is the culprit, the rust should clear up after this sanitizing cycle. If not, the rust comes from parts of your dishwasher where the protective coating has broken away and exposed the metal underneath. This means your dishes may not be as clean as you hope, and you may need a replacement dishwasher soon.

Broken Latch

If your machine cannot start, the reason may be due to a broken latch. The appliance cannot run a wash cycle if the door is not closed and correctly secured. Without this step, water can leak out and cause a mess in your kitchen. Repairs may be covered under the warranty if your appliance is fairly new, but an older dishwasher is more problematic. The parts can be harder to locate, and the repairs may be more expensive. You should most certainly get a quote about servicing the equipment. However, upgrading to a more efficient model may be the better choice.

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